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Letter to my Congressman


This is submitted with all due respect to you. And equal respect for the American People everywhere is required more now than ever.

#1 - Obey Constitutional limitations and restrictions on the Federal govt in Washington DC. Don't let the Supreme Court, nor the President, nor the media tell you what the Constitution says. It was written in plain English for the common man to read, understand, and obey

#2 - Understand & abide by the words & spirit of the 1776 Declaration of Independence. That document is Alive today in the hearts and souls of every true American, and it is every bit as true today as it was then. Despite the mere opinions of some Supreme Court Justices, the Declaration of Independence is also the Law of the Land, our Land, America.

#3 - Uphold your Oath to the Constitution above all other oaths to whatever organization or group you may be beholden to.

#4 - Understand the patriots and veterans of this country may not be as educated as you, nor anywhere near as powerful as you, since you represent us. But WE know what is Right, and what is Wrong. The American People are frustrated and feel violated by every act of Congress and Washington DC that encroaches or violates the clear distinction between your duty to serve and our Rights & Freedoms. Liberty for the People should always be the priority, not fictional federal dogma.

#5 - Do NOT make excuses nor provisions for fraud & deceit in any conduct, nor pretend Sophistry allows you to pass laws in violation of our Sacred Rights.

#6 - Be the man you were elected to be and the man that the Creator sees and will judge for his actions. With great power comes great responsibility. Do not let the People down, nor soil your integrity while in service to your fellow Americans.




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