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Coaching Session with John
  • Coaching Session with John

    One hour virtual meeting/coaching session with John. Discuss prepping topics such as:

    Food storage

    Food types

    Water filtration

    Self Defense

    Investments/Wealth Preservation


    Military Issues

    Medicine/First Aid


    Political Issues



    Friends/Family issues

    Invasion, Enemy issues

    Choosing a Bug Out Location


    This list is by no means exhaustive. Once you have purchased the coaching session, you will receive an email with a download link for a questionnaire and agreement to fill out and sign. The questionnaire is to get more information on what you would like to discuss so I can prepare properly and the agreement is to legally protect both you and I. 


    1.  The video conference will be recorded for the protection of all parties.  The video and materials discussed are PRIVATE and no audio or video may be used by any party in public or private rebroadcasts or discussions.

    2.  John is not offering legal, financial, psychological or any other "advice" that requires certification or licensing by any authority.  The "Prepper Coach" service is being provided for the benefit of sharing opinions and ideas.  Any action taken by a participant comes from their own thoughts, ideas, and conclusions.  In NO way is John responsible for any decisions made by the participant.  The participant agrees to hold harmless John, The Prepared Mind, and any affiliates or associates for any decisions made as a result of the conversations.

    3.  This is a non-refundable service.  There is no implied or expressed satisfaction guarantee.  The topics discussed are not 'happy' topics and there is no expectation that a "Prepper Coach" session with John will produce satisfactory conclusions of the participant.

    4.  Any threatening language or behavior may result in instant termination of the discussion.  John is in no way obligated to suffer or tolerate rude or insulting language or attitude.  Likewise, sexualized topics or behavior may result in instant termination of the "Prepper Coach" session.



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